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Our Story

As told by our Founder, Ludovic 

As the founder of Balance Festival, I’ve spent years helping to inspire people to live healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives. But when the pandemic hit, my wife and I found ourselves at home with two young kids, two businesses in distress and too many problems to solve.

Like many people, our lives had been overtaken by Covid almost overnight. At work I was preaching the benefits of a wellness-centric lifestyle and, yet at home, unhealthy, mediocre meals were increasingly making their way on to our dining table. Something had to be done.

I went back to the drawing board and set myself the task of building a food business that would enable time-starved people like us to eat delicious, nutritious food no matter how complicated life got. And so, Feelgood Kitchen was born.

The vision was simple: we wanted to reinvent the classics that people love, pack-them with nutrient-dense ingredients, remove all the nasties and really focus on taste without compromise. And, if we could find a way to do our bit for the planet at the same time, even better.

Fast forward a few months, still in the midst of the pandemic, I found myself in a North London restaurant that had been shut down, for the very first Feelgood menu tasting. Here, alongside my long-time business partner Jeffrey Young, and Chef Rafal (our Michelin-star trained chef), a moment of magic happened and Feelgood was born.

From the moment we tasted the food we knew that Feelgood Kitchen could really be something special. We just couldn’t believe that these chef-crafted, restaurant-quality meals could be kept frozen and heated up to perfection whenever needed, all the while locking in the depth of flavour and incredible nutritional value!

During the course of founding Feelgood, I also discovered something that shocked me: the sheer extent of food waste in the UK. Every year, millions of tonnes of food go from our fridges straight to the landfill. To put things in perspective, it’s an average of about 100kg of food per person that is wasted annually. Freezing food provides a natural solution to cut food waste and remedy its environmental impact.

These are our humble beginnings. Now we welcome you to join us, as we embark on our journey to inspire the world to embrace wellness as a way of life, one dish at a time.

Our Manifesto

The Feelgood philosophy

#1 Taste, health and convenience. Yes, we do believe you can have it all! Nutritious yet delicious food should be a non-negotiable, even when life gets busy.

#2 Natural ingredients you can trust. No additives, no harmful oils, no preservatives, no refined carbs and no refined sugars. Our dishes are plant-rich, nutritionally dense and high in protein.

#3 Restaurant-quality at home. We’re redefining the at-home dining experience. Michelin-star trained chefs have hand-crafted each Feelgood meal in small batches from our London kitchen, prioritising taste and health in equal measure.

#4 Flash frozen for freshness. It’s the best way to preserve flavour and nature’s goodness so you can enjoy maximum nutrition from our quality ingredients.

#5 Gluten free and dairy free. If you feel like a cheeky cheese on toast, we won’t stop you, but you won’t find gluten or dairy in our kitchen! Instead, we focus on nutrient-rich plants, quality protein and wholefood carbohydrates to support optimal health.

#6 Nutritionist approved. We believe food should make you feel good from the inside out. That’s why all our dishes have been carefully crafted under the guidance of our in-house nutritionist.

#7 Reclaim your time. Less cooking means more ‘me time’. An extra hour in your life to do whatever you fancy, or time with your loved ones which is invaluable.

#8 Say no to food waste. We want to change the way the world shops for the better. Small batch production means nothing goes to waste in our kitchens, and freezer-friendly food means nothing goes to waste at home.

#9 Long-term thinking. We consider everyone in our supply chain, from our customers to Mother Nature herself. We strive to source the most sustainable packaging, eco-conscious suppliers. and local produce from ethical, trusted suppliers who share our values.

#10 We give back. We source locally but we give globally. Working hard with our charity partner Project Waterfall, we support clean water projects in developing countries.