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How do I manage my subscription? 

Incredibly easily! Simply login to your Feelgood account and update your delivery frequency, or pause/cancel your subscription. You can also upgrade or downgrade the quantity of Meals/Sides in your box. Please be sure to make any changes to your subscription and/or selected Meals and Sides by 11am the day before your next billing date.


When will I receive my Feelgood delivery? 

We currently deliver to the UK mainland, nationwide, on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Will I get a notification from the courier? 

Yes, you will get a text message or an email with a one hour delivery slot. Easy!


What happens if I am not home? 

Please make sure you notify us if there is a safe place to leave your Feelgood box (i.e. with the neighbour, behind the bin).  Our insulated boxes will keep your food frozen until midnight on the day of delivery.


Can I cancel at any time? 

Sure thing – you can pause, skip, or cancel in a few clicks via the customer portal – but we’d hate to see you go. Drop us an email at hello@feelgood-kitchen.com if there are any issues we can rectify.


How do you make your food? 

Every meal is handmade with fresh ingredients by Michelin-trained chefs at our kitchen in London. It’s swiftly popped into our flash freezer to lock in all the nutrients and flavours of our amazing ingredients. 


What is flash freezing? 

Flash freezing speeds up the freezing process to about 4 hours instead of 24! This means more nutrition and more flavour is locked into your meal.


Why do you freeze your food? 

Freezing is nature’s way of preserving freshness. Frozen food might have bad rep but trust us! Feelgood isn’t your typical frozen ready-meal. We are all about restaurant-quality food, frozen for freshness and convenience. Having Feelgood in the freezer means you’ll never have to compromise on nutrition when life gets hectic, because we’ll be right there, ready and waiting.


But frozen doesn’t compare to fresh!

Not true! It’s been scientifically proven that little to no nutritional value is lost when food is frozen, and in some case frozen food has MORE vitamins and minerals compared to fresh because fresh foods decrease in nutrients over time, while freezing preserves.


How do you deliver your boxes? 

Our meals are packed into recyclable boxes with dry ice and insulation liners made of recycled denim, then delivered to your door by courier via a carbon neutral network. Enjoy free delivery with Medium and Large boxes!


What is your recycling and sustainability policy? 

We strive to do the best for our planet, so all our packaging is recyclable. 


Box: made of 100% certified FSC cardboard - recyclable in any paper/cardboard recycling waste stream*

Insulation lining: made of recycled denim - biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Plastic housing - recyclable*


Sleeves: made of 100% FSC - recyclable in any paper/cardboard recycling waste stream*, Carbon Balanced Print

Trays: made of 90% cardboard material: board solely sourced from PEFC pulp mills (forest sustainably managed), 10% PET coating (for food safety) - recyclable in any paper/cardboard recycling waste stream*

Film: made of plastic - rinse and recycle* 

*Check your local recycling

Feel free to contact us at hello@feelgood-kitchen.com for our full Recycling and Sustainability Policy document.


Want to know more?



How many people does your food feed?

Our Main dishes are generously portioned, satisfyingly serving 1 or split between 2 with a side. Our Side dishes are designed to be shared and accompany our mains, serving 2-3. On hungry days or post-workout, we could probably smash both.


How do I prepare my food?

We recommend oven-cooking, but when you’re short on time you can also pop your meal in the microwave: 7 minutes ‘til heaven! Head to our How It Works page for more info on how to have the ultimate Feelgood experience.


How long do your meals last?

The superior process of flash freezing means Feelgood meals easily last for 1 year once frozen! However, we reckon you’ll give into temptation before then.


Ingredients & Nutrition 

Is Feelgood healthy?

Yes, absolutely! Our in-house nutritionist reviews, optimises and calibrates all our dishes to deliver incredible flavours AND the best possible health benefits.  All our ingredients are natural, gluten free and dairy free. You’ll see no additives, preservatives, harmful oils, refined carbs or refined sugars in any of our dishes. Feelgood food is plant-rich, nutritionally dense and high in protein.


Where can I find nutritional information?

On the back of our Feelgood packaging, and on our website.


Where do you source your ingredients?

Ethical and sustainable production is super important to us, so we strive to source all Feelgood ingredients from local suppliers.


Still have questions? We’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email at hello@feelgood-kitchen.com