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Pimp my Feelgood: Tempeh Jalfrezi

Pimp my Feelgood: Tempeh Jalfrezi

Pimp my Feelgood is about small additions to elevate your eating experience. Our dishes are designed to give you a quick, healthy meal when time is tight, but sometimes there is a moment to relax - hurrah!

Feeling indulgent, want to boost your protein intake or simply fancy something extra? We've got a recommendation for that.

Our brand new, vegan Tempeh Jalfrezi  is a rich and spicy red curry with three mega plant proteins. It's pretty perfect as it is (although we say so ourselves), but if you're feeling fanciful read on for some tasty toppings below.

More indulgence

Coconut Collaborative Yoghurt

The Coconut Collaborative's Natural Yogurt is unbelievably thick & creamy, with no added sugar and free from dairy and gluten - just like our dishes. Add a dollop on your Jalfrezi to balance the spice.

High-protein punch


Seeds are well known for their healthy fats, but many can also be protein-rich. Pumpkin seeds take the lead with 30g protein per 100g, and you'll also get a satisfying crunch.

Super healthy

Packed with live cultures, which are good for the gut, Kimchi is a fermented food with a zingy taste. Vegan-friendly and made with cabbage, carrots, garlic and spice, kimchi keeps it simple.