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How to hone your working from home routine

How to hone your working from home routine

Working from home has become the norm, with 8.4 million of us continuing to type away remotely in 2021 (ONS). The benefits of this new, flexible way of working has become universally recognised, with employers and employees reaping the rewards of a more autonomous workforce.

But let's be real; the lure of staying in pyjamas and general indolence can become tempting when we're at home, especially over the winter. Here's how you can stay sprightly, productive and motivated, and nail your WFH routine. 

1. Morning Power Hour

Coined by leading Wellness professional, Adrienne Herbert, the term "Power Hour" is about making the most of the early morning to unlock your full potential. Ditch the extra time in bed and try rising early to focus on your personal goals outside of work, such as getting fit or pursuing your passion. You'll be full of beans at 9am after making time for yourself.

2. Breakfast of Kings

The most important meal of the day? We think so. That's why we've just launched two brand new breakfast pots, bursting with flavour and nutrition.

Feelgood Kitchen Breakfast Pots

Our Peanut Butter and Berry Jelly Pot is made with organic coconut yoghurt and 100% roasted peanuts, boosted with superseeds, acai and vanilla. Our Fig, Chia and Cashew Cream Pot is made with oat milk, black quinoa and a decadent layer studded with pomegranate. Both will give you a steady release of energy, setting you up for the day.

3. Structured Lunch Break

Take time away from your screen to recalibrate and refuel. Our nutritionally-dense, dairy-free and gluten-free meals will gear you up for round two in the afternoon. With absolutely no refined carbs, Feelgood food won't leave you feeling lethargic. Take a walk around the block while your lunch is baking in the oven!

4. Change of Scenery

Can you switch things up in the afternoon? Studies show that our work environment has a direct impact on our productivity, so moving from your bedroom desk to the kitchen table, even for an hour, will do wonders. Plants and artwork can improve focus, creativity and reduce stress.

5. Tidy Away the Day

A good end of work routine is important, allowing us to start afresh the following morning. Clean up your workspace, removing anything that isn’t relevant to your next task, and lay out the things you'll need when you start work again so you’re ready to go. Round off the day by writing a list of tasks to tick off first thing.