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Food stylist special: the art of plating

Food stylist special: the art of plating

Pies are the perfect winter warmer, but difficult to serve up when the filling is spilling! Our uniquely crust-free Sweet Potato Fish Pie is no exception: beautifully rich but surprisingly light, it can be a challenge to plate with precision. 

We chatted to Feelgood's food stylist and photographer Bea Moreno at a recent photo shoot, where she gave us simple tips on how to present food beautifully.

Add colour to contrast

Bea has used parsley, black pepper and lemon zest, alongside a salad with a salad of shaved asparagus, fennel and beetroot leaves, to make our Sweet Potato Fish Pie pop. An easy win with this dish is to bring the peas to the surface, and add the elements from there.

Focus on texture

Top your pie with toasted almonds for a crunch. Simply toss in the pan for one minute.

Make it fun!

Use different plates and table cloths - it doesn’t have to match.