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Ask the Nutritionist

Ask the Nutritionist

We wouldn't be Feelgood Kitchen without Liana Bonadio, our in-house nutritionist who has carefully curated every Feelgood dish alongside our Michelin-star-trained chefs.

Liana has been a qualified Nutritional Therapist for 9 years, providing clients with bespoke, technical nutrition advice and health education, before working with us at Feelgood Kitchen. 

With health at the heart of what we do, we asked Liana to explain the nutritional elements of our ethos.


Feelgood food is 100% gluten-free. What are the benefits of a low/no gluten diet - is this just for people with gluten intolerance?

I’ve been really keen to make our meals as accessible as possible to the most amount of people, including those with health conditions and intolerances. Currently 1 in 100 people have Coeliac disease in the UK and Europe, but only around 30% of people with the condition are clinically diagnosed, as a diagnosis can take years.

We also know that gluten can cause increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut) - a condition that creates gaps in the lining of the intestinal walls and causes bloating an fatigue. This can occur in people who have non-Coeliac gluten sensitivity. With this in mind, Feelgood Kitchen have chosen to create nutrient-dense dishes that everyone can enjoy, with ingredients that support optimal health.   

There's a lot of stigma around frozen food. What is Feelgood's ‘Frozen Fresh’ concept all about, and is it healthy?

We're very lucky to work with local suppliers, who are able to deliver our food fresh on the days we are preparing Feelgood dishes. We cook in small batches and then flash freeze our food immediately, which means it freezes in around 4 hours (instead of 24 in your average freezer) - and nutritional value isn't lost. Freezing food is a natural way to preserve it, so we don’t have to add any preservatives into our food.

What’s your favourite Feelgood meal on the menu at the moment?

My favourite is definitely the vegan Black Bean Chilli - it’s so hearty and warming. I'm a big fan of spice and this dish has a nice kick to it, and I love the crunchy black rice. Not having to cook it myself, given the cooking time, is such a bonus. From a nutritional perspective, I really appreciate that the rice and bean combination make the dish a plant-based source of complete protein.